Blackmetal has come a long way since Jimi, War and the like. Recently bands like Living Color show that blackmetal still retains a groovy, hard, flavor influenced by many various styles of music. Indeed black metal can toe the line as well as any other variant of heavy metal.

See also black metal.
Lenny Kravitz is a blackmetal legend!
by Ingram August 28, 2004
black metal fans wear hilarious "corpse paint" inspired by the panda bear. also the will be clad in black (and only black) leather with studs, spikes and nails averywhere and black bandshirts with illegible band logos.
the will not laugh or smile, but rather one must be "grim", "necro" and "frostbitten". the greet each other with "Hail!" or, on special occasions, "Infernal Hails!".
in their possession will be a large collection of poor quality bootlegs of bands with names like Azhubham Haani that have never produced anything but bootlegs. bands like these are "true" and good, because nobody knows them.rare stuff is always good. bands that have sold-out and therefore must be hated are e.i. Cradle of Filth and Dimmu Borgir. True black metal is Norwegian.
fans of black metal tend to have no sense of humour or selfirony and are certainly NOT tolerant. they will give any entry that gives a negative or humorous view of black metal and its listeners a "thumb down".
untrue whimp hearing a black metal song:
"oh, that's a nice melody... very symphonic!"
the vocals start:
"kraaahgrfggrrr kzzzrrgrrkprr tzzzgrrsaaaaataaaaaaangrrshrrzzz...."
untrue whimp:"that's crap."

"Black Metal is War!"
by icandoitbetter March 25, 2005
various different types, using blast beats (32beats instead on 16beats), and all that is immensly epic.
can be closely related to the burning of churches, becasue most of the followers of black metal are against religion.
founded by such epic bands as: venom, dimmu borgir, immortal and all that jazz.
i believe corpse paint is usually worn.
burninc churches is all part of my mystic, there is no god, i confide in black metal.

cries of distortion ARE black metal

corpse paint is the shit
by HALO ROTHSTEIN March 29, 2008
The worst form of music ever. Not to mention the so called "black metal" clothing people wear.
"Do you like black metal?"
"Nah. I hate wearing those stupid robes"
by Kickzer April 07, 2009
When punk rock attempts to sound metal and look goth.
Did you ever notice that black metal and punk both have the same blatant disregard for musical aesthetic?


black metal:

More black metal:
by Buck Plankchest September 13, 2008
A word used by some in the heavy metal culture to describe something that falls into the following categories:

-Dark classical music
"Dude, that movie last night was straight up black metal!"

"Sephiroth in Final Fantasy 7 was f**king black metal!"

by Nick Galvatron April 21, 2008
What was once fantastic music enjoyed by a handful of rabid loyalists that has become more of a fashion statement recently that a music. Disenfranchised Caucasian kids flock to this as it is predominantly Caucasian and gives them an outlet to feel superior to the other kids that actually have futures. Remember, watch MTV2 and Metalapocalypse (if I said it wrong, good!), shop at Hot Topic, and play Guitar Hero III and soon you'll be more "black metal" than your friends who are also desperately trying to embrace this disgraced music by wearing Cradle of Filth and Dimmu Borgir shirts every time they step out of the house!
PoSeRkId: Hey, cool shirt! Is that a black metal band?

BitterOldMetalhead: No, jerkass, it's an independent film I'm directing.
by Hellstud November 02, 2007

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