Words used to describe some aboriginals in australia who are always up too no good.
Stealing cars, sniffin' petrol or paint, making white people just feel uncomfortable when they are about.
Bloody Black bastards and their stink are annoying the piss out of me.

Someone shoot those Black bastards if they do that agin
by Kenny Growler July 23, 2006
Top Definition
a harsh black people insult, do not use unless you've been
1.kicked out of a bar
2.had your girlfriend shagged
3.had your wallet jacked
1.what the fuck let me finish my drink you black bastard
2.get your cock out of my bitch you black bastard
3.gimmie my wad holder you black bastard
4.you got blood on my shirt you black bastard!
In Northern Ireland the term black bastards is usually used to describe members of the unionist community, in particular those who serve with the police. It can also refer to staunch loyalists of British rule and people from the unionist community. The name originates from the marching Loyal order called the Royal Black Institution.
The police are filled with rotten black bastards

Those loyalists are a bunch of black bastards
by RobinandBatman January 22, 2011
Used to describe an officer of the police service of northern ireland (formerly Royal Ulster Constabulry)
We were rioting last night and I took that black bastards baton off him.

Them black bastards beat the fuck out of me on the way to the cells.
by kam555 September 02, 2009
Originates from the north of Irleand. This term refers to those accused of aiding the crown forces or the British government. This term in Ireland does not refer to race although its true meaning is often unclear.
That black bastard was giving information to the RUC!
by culchie October 15, 2007
Big pupil eyes, normally used to explain someone using a psychedelic drug.
joe- "Look at your eyes You black bastard! Did you get some LSD?"
karl- "Yes!"
by daytripper60 November 10, 2009

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