One of the best hardcore bands. Has influenced many bands of today.
Black Flag owns all
by robotcity September 04, 2003
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A hardcore punk band from the late 70's to the 80's. Contrary to the most highly voted definition, the band was not led by Henry Rollins, but Greg Ginn, the only member that was ALWAYS there. He started the band, Rollins came way later to have " led " the band.
Idiot: Hey guyz, wanna go listen 2 some linkin park?
Kickass McPunk: Fuck off twat, I'm busy listening to Rise Above.
by ManInTheBox March 15, 2005
The symbol of anarchism. When the flag is diagonally divided into black and red sections, it is a symbol of anarcho-syndicalism.
Burn all nations and governments and hoist the black flag on the pole.
by Servant Of Progress January 07, 2005
1. Putting a permanent stop to something that has been red flagged. Derived from the practice of waving the black and red flags together at the end of a racing practice session.

2. Used when someone has done something wrong and is about to be punished. Derived from the use of the black flag to indicate a penalty in racing.
1. "It's snowing too hard to continue on, so we've black-flagged this trip and are on our way home."

2. "Pretty sure that guy's gonna get black-flagged for punching out that window.
by D2RCR January 31, 2004
An old school punk band that influenced almost every band that claim to be "punk" after the 1980's. Led by singer Henry Rollins.
"Black Flag is fucking great."
by Mike August 25, 2003
Raised in anticipation of a Shark Attack. Always along side the Shark Alarm.
SHARK ALARM. THE BLACK FLAG. Shark alarm? shakalam.
by varbar February 04, 2010
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