a major league pitcher from Korea who's right handed.
now he's in Boston Red Sox
it also stands for
Bonds killer (Bonds is hitless against Kim)
Bambino killer
Bronx Killer
Bone to be K (He strikes alot)
Hey there goes BK!!
He stikes out Bonds yesterday.
by robin December 01, 2003
bk, meaning 'back' is a word used online a lot. when you leave for a second and are back, you might say 'bk.'
girl: hold on one sec, i need to get the phone
boy: ok no prob
girl: bk, sorry it was my friend
boy: it's ok
by debbie April 26, 2005
Burger King-Have it your way
Thanks for choosing BK proceed to the next window.
by Kevin February 24, 2005
Code for getting drunk. Originated by teenagers in Southern Ontario to trick parents and to get money for them.
"Hey, Ma. Can I get some money for BK?
by DesPERRYado April 11, 2005
Big Knockers- Big boobs

Our band
Those are some BK. Those are some big knockers bk rocks
by Casey, Cam, Phil March 28, 2005
Nick name for Kyle Niggerson.
BK stands for Black Kyle or Brooklyn where he be reppin'. Also, Burger King, where he gets his free dinner of the floor.
yo nigga! im BK from bk and i eat at bk. holla. give me a favor bitch.
by Anup February 05, 2004
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