also stands for butt kissing while in the workplace
That guys nickname is bk.
by Dick Starbuck November 03, 2005
crazy g-unit kid who plays soccer
bk:my butt (pointin at brain)
use yur frikken butt!!!
by xtothegunit March 12, 2004
BK stands for Beaver County.
aka the greatest place in the world.
aka where my children will be raised.
aka where me and H-Unit n D-Unit put it down.
The real gangstas are from the BK.
by AK slut May 02, 2005
bk stands 4 this dam sexy gurl named Becky Koch. she is so hot that every1 that sees her mealts
just look at bk i wanna go out w/ her and have sex w/ her
by bglogh July 07, 2004

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