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a term of endearment meaning 'best friend in the whole wide world'

note: only cool kids can say it
noelle- 'hey sarah, sup bizow?'

sarah- 'i love you man, you're my favorite.'
by noellebillay September 20, 2006
10 3
A term used to express exclamation and illustrate dynamic emphasis. A variation in phonetic expression of the term pladow.
I crossed him over and dunked on his head.. I was like BIZOW!!
by ferretmaster January 11, 2007
4 1
Means to get busy with an owl
Yo that bizow be down on the izzel
by izzel May 29, 2003
3 5
The sound of a person or creature getting electricuted
Man 1: See that fence? Piss on it.
Man 2: Ok...........BIZOW!!!!!
by Shane December 09, 2003
2 5