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A word used to describe an expression of greatness especially in the case of a woman's posterior or badonkadonk.
Did you see that girl's ass!? it was like pladow!
by Pimpmassa December 06, 2006
1. a form of expression to over emphasize a statement, an opinion, a fact, or a point of view; always stated at the end of a sentence with true conviction.
2. it automatically brings truth to any possible falsehood entirely, as well as, wholeheardedly.
3. an expression that shows and abundance of arrogance.
4. the ultimate trump card in an argument.
Johnny: "Well looks like I win because I have a Full House."
Bobby: "Sorry but it doesn't beat my pair of twos: pla-dow!"
by Ultimo Sexy April 07, 2009
To have sex or to bang.
I took this fine biznitch back to my crib and gave her some Jesus Juice and pladowed her while she was bent over my futon with the Bruce Lee embroidery. Word!
by Phil Jackson Missirlian June 21, 2005

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