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4 definitions by CabronDeOz

A mildly offensive insult, popular in the US Midwest. Interchangeable with any of thousands of other generic insults like dillhole or asshat.
"Joe keeps hanging around drinking all my beer and asking to borrow money. What a heiner."
by CabronDeOz July 04, 2009
A genre of music that could be considered a precursor to heavy metal. Sounds mostly like generic 70's hard rock (Foreigner, Foghat, etc) but imbued with fantasy, Norse mythology, and homoerotic gladiator themes. Has song titles like "We Accept the Challenge," "Steal Your Thunder," and "We Live to Rock."

The most well-known (and perhaps only) proponent of muscle rock is Jon Mikl Thor, who is also known for producing a string of terrible movies over the last 30 years.
Announcer: "And now, playing his 'muscle rock', is Jon Thor!"

*Audience goes quiet in disbelief as a 300 lb. beefcake runs out on stage in a sequined loincloth and cape.*
by CabronDeOz July 07, 2011
A female that happens to be profoundly ugly and weighs 300+ lbs. Always wears clothing six sizes too small that sports images of Tinkerbell or sadly ironic slogans such as "Angel", "Hottie", or "Too Cute". Often aggravated by a pig-like face or snout.
Jay: "Hey Paco, look at that butter troll coming down the street."

Paco: "Yeah, why don't you go ask for her phone number?"
by CabronDeOz December 08, 2009
In grammatical parlance, "fucktard" would technically be known as a portamento word of "fuck" and "retard." In other words, one who is not only retarded, but afflicted with aggravated retardation to the point where the "fucktard" does things both stupid and in wanton disregard for the safety and well-being of those around him or her.
"Hey Julio, quit being a fucktard and take a shower."
by CabronDeOz November 20, 2009