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1. Having achieved brief infamy or success, then proceeding to fail or bungle colossally at one or more careers or activities, partaking of a rampage of self-destruction and ruin, then moving on to something completely random and wierd, to the amazement of all.
2. The fetish of hiring and interacting with but not having sex with a prostitute.
"That is so Bitner!"
by Anonymous May 24, 2003
1. An achievement which, twenty years on, spontaneously captivates strangers who find the fabled man and make him legend.

2. A cult following
1. To this day, his Bitner is spoken of in hushed tones.

2. "I want a cult following. I want a Bitner."
by merc October 09, 2004
to fail miserably in the face of imminent success
I totally bitnered that one up.
by Tim Wilk March 12, 2004
3. To wrongfully deprive another of something, either via fraud, misrepresentation, or complete bat-shit insanity
Dude, Matel so bitnered Photog from Nathan Bitner!
by Anonymous June 07, 2003
Roots from Satonic religions. General term used to 'screw people over'.
"Dude, i just got bitnered!"
by God October 10, 2003
a bitner is a hat like you wear on your head. one of the bucket kind.
these people are idiots its a fricken hat
"hey dont steal my bitner"
by george January 29, 2004