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Shave your pubes and hold them in your hand. Get your mate to give you a blowjob and when you cum on her face throw the trimmed curlies onto your semen soaked partners face and she will be left with a striking resemblance to Abraham Lincoln.
My girlfriend looked very presidential after I gave her an Abraham Lincoln.
by Merc November 17, 2004
A tube, usually a cut off part of a straw, used to snort speed or coke with.
Dude, opnly use one tooter, then we can scrape it when we're done with the sack
by Merc February 03, 2004
1. An achievement which, twenty years on, spontaneously captivates strangers who find the fabled man and make him legend.

2. A cult following
1. To this day, his Bitner is spoken of in hushed tones.

2. "I want a cult following. I want a Bitner."
by merc October 09, 2004
Variation of the word "uber", which is German for super. Can be used in front of an adjective, to indicate an extremity of it, or can be used as an adjective by itself.
1. That party was uba tight.
2. That weed was the uba.
by Merc February 03, 2004
Aderin is a name for women who love music all types and styles. They have sultry voices and live to rock
Aderin listens to music 24/7 sings and dances freely.Rock on!
by MERC June 24, 2013
"Did you eat yet ?". From, 'Just Before The War With The Eskimos,' in the collectin Nine Stories by Salinger.
Jeat jet ? I gottahafa chicken sanich.
by merc April 20, 2005
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