1) Someone lame who copies the look or personality of another they feel is superior, in an earnest effort to feel cool.
2) Just when you think you've come up with something NEW and your OWN originality in style and dress...here comes your fat-ass sister and some ugly so-called "friends" to try and COPY your look...shootin it all to hell.
from one classmate to another, "Hey Heather, I like the look...too bad Sharon and Clair are biting your style. Girl, you should hang out with some better lookin friends!"
by Jo-mama November 08, 2003
Top Definition
This is when someone copycats your fashion, your ride, decor, etc.
He knows I just bought that CLK, and he is gonnna go out and get one *just like* it?! Why's he gotta bite my style?
by Obscure/Renegade November 08, 2003
To copy another's style of dress or clothes.
"I just got these kicks, and these motherfuckers over here are already biting my style."
by wusoldjr November 08, 2003
v. to take someones stlye, reproduce it on yourself, and call it your own.
For example, Yanni comes to school wearing his new shorts with his fashonable running shoes tied in a certian manner. I do really love the way Yanni is dressing today! So, I go to the mall and buy the same fashonable running shoes and shorts as Yanni, and call this style my own. I officially am "Biting your style".
by eXCeSS November 08, 2003
some one copyin' yo look or yo style
dat nigga got da same jersey as u...mayn he bitin yo style!!!
by gangstashawty187 November 08, 2003
When someone buys the shoes you want, because they want to be you.
Yo Richard just bought yo' shoes!! He is Biting Your Style.
by Bob Badical April 30, 2008
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