One who steals ideas. These people are usually bitchmade.
The steelpenn alliance are total biters in the online MMATYCOON game.
by MikeSmith1000 June 04, 2010
One who copies or tries to copy someone elses own personal style and/or ideas usually acting as if it were their own original making.
Ya'll nothin' but a bunch of biters. Ya'll be bitin' hard too.
by jackochrispin February 20, 2010
Somebody who bites the penis while giving oral sex.
"I said suck the motherfucker, you bitin' it, shit!"
-N.W.A., "Just Don't Bite It," an anti-biter anthem.
by JohnnyLurg November 23, 2011
Someone who bites during sex.
"Whoa! Who's been chewing you up?"
"Oh, it's Britney and Tiffany. They're real biters."
by Hydraton31 January 25, 2013
Obnoxious people who copy everyone and everything, most often in vocabulary or phrases. Like people saying things like "hella" despite living nowhere near NorCal or most often people from the boston area using the phrase "EPIC" or "FML". One person uses it and it catches on like wildfire.
In general anyone from Boston
BITER: Hey guy, the Redsox season is gonna be Epic this year, unfortunately I gotta work all season FML.

NON-BITER: dude, you didnt even like the redsox let alone baseball until everyone else did.
by HaterofBiters January 13, 2010
a cooler word for copycat
bob: Hey whats up man?
fred: Nothin', like your shirt
bob: Thanks man

fred (has bobs same exact shirt): Hey whats up man?
bob: nothin.... is that my shirt?
fred: no..
bob: biter.
by zomgitsangelica222 February 22, 2009
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