That biter is such a biter.
by UCidiot April 20, 2003
Coping term. Used in break dancing with the hand jester of two clenched fists banging down in an X pattern across the arms.
That biter, he copied my set.
by scurr April 18, 2005
someone who isnt origional and takes another persons idea.
that hard cause being a biter isnt bad... you could buy a pair of shoes.. and lets say your friend buys some too.. that makes her a bither but what happens when the whole school buys them?? i mean come on life goes on.. people are stupid and make big deals out of shit ... i mean worry about youself stupid hoes
by erika December 12, 2002
The one who bites. Legally, is to make sexually harassive suggestion about an other person. (other does not mean another).
"I am hip hop, y'all biters"
by "tietäjä" JOSHUA CUNNINGHAM April 11, 2006
n. A black man fucking a white woman

antonym: n. whacker
Dude, did you know Jamal was a biter?
by rgelsh October 23, 2007
The shortened form of "pillow biter" please see pillow biter.
"that graham norton is a biter"

"Old compton street is crammed with biters"
by Ox - you know it makes sense August 29, 2008
someone who copies anotehr person's things
jay z took tupac's song (Me and my Girlfreind) and re-did it w/ beyonce, what a biter!
by ... January 07, 2004

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