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They are not in a relationship or a sexual relationship but yet when one person in the bitchship does something with a member of the opposite sex the other member of the bitchship has a bitchfit.
Megan: Gage, I hear you have been sleeping in candace's room lately at college.

Gage: Okay but we haven't had sex yet.

Megan: Yea but you have been hooking up with her.

Gage: But megan, me and you broke up.

Megan: I don't give a fuck, you suck!!!

Gage: K, peace bitch!!!

Megan: Fuck you, we're done.

*Megan says they are done but they were already broken up! This is a prime example of a bitchship where one member of the bitchship has a bitchfit.
by snox28 December 14, 2010
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