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The best body a female can have. A female who really takes care of herself. Perfectly sculpted from her head down to her toes. Large breasts (supple and symmetrical) and a big butt (not too big but well rounded). Curvy, but not fat. Has nice legs (no cellulite). Basically a body like a coke bottle. Every part of her body has been tastefully calculated with the utmost of precision by the great lord himself. Everything is beautifully proportional and when combined with a cute face and a sexy smile this just makes for the total package!
Mike: Hey Chris, did you see Michelle walking down the hall today at school?!?!

Chris: Why no Mike, it is to my dismay I have not seen Michelle at all this fine morning. Please enlighten me.

Mike: Dude, she was wearing these tight blue jeans with this super sexy white top. Absolutely perfect body. You should have seen her... OHH MY LORD. Bro, this girl is so felumptious!!! By far the most gorgeous girl at school.

Chris: Wow Mike, that sounds so incredibly and utterly amazing I think I would have cut myself whilst squirting lemon juice into my open flesh woulds just to catch a glimpse of this beauty!
by snox28 December 06, 2010
They are not in a relationship or a sexual relationship but yet when one person in the bitchship does something with a member of the opposite sex the other member of the bitchship has a bitchfit.
Megan: Gage, I hear you have been sleeping in candace's room lately at college.

Gage: Okay but we haven't had sex yet.

Megan: Yea but you have been hooking up with her.

Gage: But megan, me and you broke up.

Megan: I don't give a fuck, you suck!!!

Gage: K, peace bitch!!!

Megan: Fuck you, we're done.

*Megan says they are done but they were already broken up! This is a prime example of a bitchship where one member of the bitchship has a bitchfit.
by snox28 December 14, 2010
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