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(noun) : a brief period of sleep that helps to remedy a cranky or bitchy mood, especially during the day

(intransitive verb) : to sleep briefly when one is in a bad mood
(noun): My cranky wife needs a bitchnap.

(intransitive verb): I'm going to bitchnap so that I'm not in such a bad mood when I wake up.
by vinnylove October 24, 2010
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to kidnap a person you really hate and has bitch like qualities and is not kid like in any way, making kidnap unusable
Past tense: Bitchnapped
Tom-"Tonight, we're gonna bitchnap that freaking slore(slut whore)."
Tim- "Why?"
Tom- "Because she gave you a B."
Tim- "Oh yeah... Fuck that slore!!"
by DatGuyWhoThrowsFruit@Walls April 28, 2011

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