Something very cool.
Like a Camero.

Bitchin Camero
Bitchin Camero
by T February 13, 2004
Something that is very pleasing or awesome in your opinion.
Man, that shirt is totally bitchin'.
#bitchin #bitching #bitch #cool #amazing
by umlikewhatever May 16, 2009
to be totally awesome
commonly used among 80's skaters
However, Bitchin is making a comeback
Yo son that kickflip was bitchin!
hey yo Desi's bringin bitchin back guys
dude that movie was super bitchin
#awesome #skaters #totally #kickflip #yo
by Desi O January 16, 2007
Origins date back to at least the very early 60's. Great, the best, hot, excellent, awesome, unbelievably good. In the 60's and 70's was often combined with the word "ass", as in "bitchin-ass", to describe the ultimate, supreme, primo, or a great looking sexy girl.
1. Check out that bitchin car!
2. We had such a bitchin time at the concert.
3. Wow what a bitchin-ass babe!
#cool #great #best #hot #excellent #awesome #primo #beautiful
by BobBitchin November 14, 2006
an ironic word for something totally ahhhhhhsome.
dude, last night was bitchin.
chips 'n salsa are bitchin.
by ErinDogg September 23, 2003
When something is really cool
Zoolander was bitchin!
by Bungalow Bill October 17, 2001
totally fucking bad ass and cool.
Spartacus is a bitchin name for a hamster.
#cool #awesome #bad ass #amazing #fine
by Miranda121212 July 01, 2011
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