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Someone who often bitches
Sam's a real bitcher!
by slow March 08, 2005
Adj. One who is guilty of bitchery; one who bitches alot. A looser at life basically.
Dude, I seriously cannot stand richie, he's such a bitcher.
by kreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeestan January 12, 2009
another word for complainers or people whining about their circumstances, particularly their romantic relationships or lack thereof.
You guys better not be sitting around like a bunch of bitchers!

We have sleepovers and get in a bitchers circle when we talk about our relationships.
by tabouras March 18, 2010
An increasingly more common typo of the word "butcher".
I am going to go find Tom and get some meat at the bitcher shop.
by OneLess August 18, 2007