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another word for complainers or people whining about their circumstances, particularly their romantic relationships or lack thereof.
You guys better not be sitting around like a bunch of bitchers!

We have sleepovers and get in a bitchers circle when we talk about our relationships.
by tabouras March 18, 2010
A way for a man to describe something that looks or smells very manly and attractive to ladies, such as fine clothes or good cologne.
Dude, that suit you're rocking is so pimp filet.

What's that smell? It's so pimp filet man, I bet that guy is picking up all the girls here.
by tabouras December 17, 2010
partying so hard during Christmas/Winter break that you die.
Dude we got so smashed over Christmas break we died. Merry Deathmas!

What happened last night? I feel dead from that Christmas party. Merry Deathmas!
by tabouras December 15, 2010

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