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(1) Excessive complaints, especially those which are unfounded, ignorant, or misinformed, especially through an electronically mediated forum.
(2) Excessive verbiage from a bitch, especially a female.
(3) An unexpected accomplishment, especially one achieved outside the perceived level of skill of the individual. Witchery, with a "b".
(4) See also bitch.
(1) I am writing a response to the bitchery on this discussion board.
(2) As my ex, you should stop bombarding me with your bitchery.
(3) The manner in which you achieved that high score was pure bitchery.
by Dennis Keith Gill Jr. February 18, 2004
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The art of being the motherfucking bitch ass duck cunt motherfucker of all fucking shitty ass lying heartless ugly penis lovin(& envying) cunt bitches to ever spread their legs on this earth.
shanee is packin major bitchery
by ahtodyel November 16, 2010
The art of being a bitch often trained by a yoho in the art of bitchcraft
thats some bitchery
by relost07(thefirstsubmitter) November 09, 2012
A conglomerate of bitches. A large congregation of assertive women.
Albert: Maaaaan, what a bitchery!
Jose: Yes indeed, Albert, there's quite a few bitches here. Almost as many as in The Hills.
by Return_of_the_mack June 02, 2009

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