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Physically and cosmetically damaged. Pitted, scratched, marred up, gouged.
After crashing on the motorcycle John had to get a new helmet because it was all bitched-up.
by Me November 10, 2003
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When everything goes to hell. The state where carefully planned situations completely fall apart.
Well, I thought I had a plan but now everything is all bitched up!
by Big Brett the Bomb Threat January 01, 2004
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Once Eric got pussy-whipped by that chick, he bitched-up and she could make him do whatever she wanted.
by shund September 03, 2003
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dude 1: hey, you know micheal's not drinkin cus his lady wont let him?
dude 2: damn, he's bitched up
by portugee March 17, 2008
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Used to describe a situation that has been fucked up by a bitch.
I was doing fine until my boss came in-- she started spouting bullshit to the client. Now the contract is all bitched up.
by Pete Schwetty June 30, 2009
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Basically to be turned into a bitch or be extremely belittled.
Man 1: "Bro, that principal really bitched me up. She just went on and on about my grades and even brought up some old shit from last year!

Man 2: "Don't get bitched up man!Stand up for yourself!
by Atlas Marvel April 18, 2017
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