v. to become the submissive partner in a relationship
Once Eric got pussy-whipped by that chick, he bitched-up and she could make him do whatever she wanted.
by shund September 03, 2003
Top Definition
Physically and cosmetically damaged. Pitted, scratched, marred up, gouged.
After crashing on the motorcycle John had to get a new helmet because it was all bitched-up.
by Me November 10, 2003
When everything goes to hell. The state where carefully planned situations completely fall apart.
Well, I thought I had a plan but now everything is all bitched up!
by Big Brett the Bomb Threat January 01, 2004
Used to describe a situation that has been fucked up by a bitch.
I was doing fine until my boss came in-- she started spouting bullshit to the client. Now the contract is all bitched up.
by Pete Schwetty June 30, 2009
another word for pussywiped
dude 1: hey, you know micheal's not drinkin cus his lady wont let him?
dude 2: damn, he's bitched up
by portugee March 17, 2008
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