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When someone abuses the Podcast system or blogging system to just bitch about everything that's wrong with the world to them that day. Also common in women.
Rachel: Have you heard my new Podcast?
Brandon: It had better not be anything like your blogs, because I can't take another one of your bitchcasts...
by Hextacy March 09, 2007
1) A stream of electronically recieved messages that consist only of mundane complaints about life. To qualify as a bitchcast, messages must be recieved faster than your ability to delete them.

2) Tyra Banks's television show

3) A torrent of chained complaints in text message form that forces your phone to crash due to a memory overload.
Example: Awh, I can't believe her bitchcast broke my Iphone!
by Valjean24601 November 02, 2009
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