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the girl version of a douche-bag
that girl is such a bitch-skank!
by gnriicfkfin October 28, 2010
Obnoxious and uptight management type who has very little respect for their underpaid employees.
I lost a limb at work today and Chelsea still made me finish my shift. What a bitchskank!

That bitchskank is so ungrateful.
by Spankee July 13, 2005
a skank who cant multitask n be a bitch n a skank at the same time
jessica stafford is so talented at being a bitchskank
by DontBitchslapMeBitch March 24, 2006
A commonly used word for any female whos name starts with a "j" who dumps a guy, goes back out with him, then gives him head in his sun room, also used to describe a pretty flower arrangement.
1. Man Jamie is such a bitch skank.
2. That pot is bitch skank Heather, A+!
by TayCoth February 25, 2003
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