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When you are giving a guy head, someone else comes up behind you and cracks you over the head with a whip, therefore you choke on his dick and you injur his dick so he breaks up with you, and then you scream out BITCH!
I got out the bitch whip last night while my friend was giving her boyfriend head.
by Yashinkaa July 21, 2008
this is a slang term for your schlong as in when you use your piece to hit your girl with.
If you dont behave im gonna have to bitch whip you fool!
by oboe player January 01, 2011
A care females mostly drive
(i.e. celica, eclipse, jetta, bug, cabrio, civic,
That fucking pussy always being buying bitch whips.
by Mike Z #6 October 20, 2003
Some awesome kid who gets mad girls in Basking Ridge New Jersey.
Damn yo, Bitch whip is with ANOTHER fly asian hunny? WTF is up with that?
by Bitch Whip May 09, 2005
someone who loves rich chinese girls
damn yo im a bitch whip and i have no chance..snowmans chance in hell
by won tang May 09, 2005
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