1. A derogatory name for a friend who has achieved ultimate failure. The phrase is often accompanied by a disappointed look and facepalm and/or head shake.

2. It may also be supplied in a command.
1. Rachel - "Omg! Did you know July 4th is the Fourth of July????"

Tyler - "Oh Bitchtits... *facepalm* just... just no."

2. Travis - "Yo Bitchtits, Grab me a soda!"

Brandon - "Ok!"
by sweetsighlullaby September 20, 2012
A bitch with really nice tits
yoooo wayne gretski, check out bitch tits over there!
by wayne_gretski January 16, 2011
A noun that may be applied to describe any male over the age of ten with oversized mammary glands, or a word to express one's anger, frustration, or sadness at an unfortunate event.
Wow, that dude has some major bitch-tits goin' on.

Oh, bitch-tits, I forgot my homework!
by arwen23m February 07, 2007
-something to call someone to get their attention
Listen up bitch tits
by Obamasasshoek February 28, 2014
Gynecomastia, or growth of breast tissue on men, sometimes as a side effect of steroid abuse. Can only be removed with surgery!
Steroids gave him a great body for a little while, but since he started using them regularly he's grown bitch tits!
by Screamapillar June 23, 2003
Would you like to give my bitch tits a suckle?
by Gothic Bob May 28, 2003
Usually a teenage boy who acts tough many times and rages when things go wrong, but in the end has a very small penis.
They use their toughness to cover up their undersized penis. In the end, they are a bitch instead of a big tough guy... and have man

Friend: WOAH! Calm down Jared! It was just a joke!

The Bitchtit: F U!!! Im too tough for you, Im gonna beat your pussy ass!


The Bitchtit:*walks away sadly to his house with his small penis*
by That Scrub November 16, 2013

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