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Giant nipples which tend to accompany lactating breasts or bitch tits. Usually bright pink and cone-shaped.
Those motherly nipples look like they could spurt any minute.
by Bento March 06, 2003
Fairly common in overweight males. As the guy gains more and more weight, he appears to develop cone-like bitch tits. Usually accompanied by motherly nipples.
Holy shit, Paul Lell's bitch tits are out to here!
by Bento March 06, 2003
A sickly, old teacher who hits on students; usually female. Said teacher usually has a darkened Molester Moustache, and sports numerous moles.
In order to pass the course, my Egyptian History garbon asked me to tape myself giving her a scarab.
by Bento March 06, 2003
Term used to describe developing breasts.
My daughter is finally getting tittles.
by Bento March 06, 2003
A type of breast that droops low, then quickly curves outward at the nipple. Usually found on skinny women, where the rib cage is clearly visible.
All the stuffing in the world couldn't hide the fact that Trish has sickly bee stings.
by Bento March 06, 2003
Slang for a womans crotch area, mainly the vagina
That chatch is crusty
Ill kick you in the chatch Josh
by bento June 17, 2006
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