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A special spry created and used by Cody. This special spry will instantly make any bitches in the vicinity vanish.
This product is a licensed and owned by “the Cody foundation of needy kid”.
Holly: Hey Cody!
Cody: Oh shit!
*Sprays Bitch be gone*
Holly disappears
Cody: wow that was a close one!

Announcer: Bitch be gone! Get it today!
by Jaryth000 January 14, 2005
A magic word used to get rid of bitchy people.
Joe says "I met Miley Cyrus"
Tom says" BITCH BE GONE"
Both forget who miley cyrus is.
by re1997 March 26, 2010
A collasil homerun that clears the fence by atleast 20 feet.
Damn nigga, Cliff's got 3 bitch be gones in one game.
by pat lag May 15, 2005

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