3 definitions by paybacksabitchisgone

A B.I.G (Bitch Is Gone) Party is thrown to signify and celebrate the end of a realtionship or marriage to a Bitch. It's like a bachelor party but on the exit side!

See www.bitchisgone.com and www.facebook.com/bigfanpage
Thank God you are done with that Bitch...we are throwing you one B.I.G Party!
by paybacksabitchisgone August 09, 2010
Bitch Is Gone! Acronym signifying the end of a realtionship or marriage to a complete Bitch.

See www.bitchisgone.com and www.facebook.com/bigfanpage
It's official; B.I.G (Bitch Is Gone!)
by paybacksabitchisgone July 17, 2010
Mother-In-Law Free
So glad my divorce is final. At last I'm M.I.L.F!
by paybacksabitchisgone May 08, 2011

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