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Any type of gun, usually a small fire arm.
Keep talking and I'm gonna feed you a bisquit.
by Christopher February 18, 2004
Someone who is cute, little, soft, and sorta yummy but bland.
That girl is such a little bisquit.
by Lisa Pizza 78 July 22, 2009
an alternative biscuit. for those who are too legit to quit.
"aye neeck! get the bisquits off di counter. ouna shkiaphona?"
by Elvira Worcestershire March 31, 2010
n. A doughy projectile weapon thrown at people who have offended the wielder.
I was eating an English Muffin but Mallory was annoying me so I pegged her in the face with a bisquit.
by ironist921 February 20, 2010
the cracked and dried up back of the heels on a persons foot you see when people wear sandals.
girrrrl, you know you're wrong for wearing those sandals without a pedicure first......Do you want some gravy to go with those bisquits ??????
by petetron August 18, 2006
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