a bi sexual shop
bishop says: hey look at the bi shop!!
me:you are bi arent you?
by butt-head 101 October 15, 2008
school of homosexuals and gingers who have been rejected by society and chose to all go to the same school to unamiously hated by everyone
loser school
wow have you seen those kids that go to bishops they suck ass
by yo big old fat stanky mamma September 19, 2008
how a mexican (or spanish) person would say bitch up.
Shaniqwa fell down last night and i had to pick the bishop off the floor.
by Thirtyfivestudio July 10, 2008
A sexual predator who uses religious authority to dominate the young faithful of the church.
The Catholic church has many a Bishop yet to be brought to justice.

Bishop Eddie Long is learning that his chickens do come home to roost.
by SGL Café September 26, 2010
The villainous character that rapper Tupac Shakur played in Ernest R. Dickerson's movie, Juice.
What's wrong with you man? You actin crazier than Bishop in Juice.
by Reakwon November 02, 2007
A chess piece often used as a butt-plug.
"Hey, Simon, have you seen my butt-plug?"
"No, George, but you can use my spare bishop. They came two for one."
by Father April 20, 2006
A part of the male human form, commonly used to practice greeting rituals.
I just gave the Bishop a mighty good handshake.
by Amy 'i like puzzles' August 04, 2005
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