A part of the male human form, commonly used to practice greeting rituals.
I just gave the Bishop a mighty good handshake.
by Amy 'i like puzzles' August 04, 2005
An elderly grey-haired man, often pictured on the front pages of tabloid newspapers for fiddling with young boys.
"Behave yourself Billy or youre going to hell"
by Prof.Turtle August 04, 2005
another name for homo
dude the kid looks like a bishop
by jhonny crockrn July 21, 2006
ths word is used for calling someone else a queer.
Look at that fuckin gay bishop!!
by eral simmons July 21, 2006
This word means a small mans penis or some one who is very queer
hey man that fag over htere has his bishop out
by matt'O July 21, 2006

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