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Being in two sections of the band. Implies the being at least somewhat of a band geek.
Does not apply to playing two types of sax, or two types of lower brass or two types of upper brass (except French horns)
Often used in reference to double reed players who cannot march with a double reed, so use their original instrument for marching band.
I'm bisectional, I play flute and oboe, in band.
by God himself January 28, 2005
Belonging to multiple sections of a high school band. Generally applies to band geeks.
1: "Woah, who's that guy?"
2: "Oh him? He plays the trumpet...and the sax...and the tuba."
1: "Wow!"
2: "Yeah, he's a bisectional horn star."
by proudbandgeek December 11, 2006
Navigating the same air space with two charts.
Robert: I'm going to go buy two charts for my flight to Las Vegas.
Maverick: Oh, you're bisectional?
Robert: Don't judge me, man!
by Air Pirates October 14, 2010
have the ability to sing to sections in a choir
The bisectional singer sang both bass and soprano
by Justin April 27, 2004
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