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Other words to associate with bisc include :
Le Bisc
Wrangler Boots
Iron Maiden
Igora Biscana (As he's known back in Old Country)
Guy 1 ''My team on FM 2005 is Biscual''
Guy 2 ''Nice one''
by Maccey C April 01, 2005
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Bisc is an ugly creature found deep in the heartlands of the ex-soviet union.
He trades carpets and donkeys for a living - and plays football occasionally even though hes kaka at it. We keep him locked up in the shed these days as hes not fit to be seen by the public. He drives a purple lada and usually has iron maiden pumpin out his ghetto blaster.
If you ever see Bisc you must i repeat must start chanting IGOR! IGOR! IGOR! he has a tendancy to wear Wrangler boots if that helps you
by Maccey C April 01, 2005
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