A game played my high school students. To make the hand sign necessary you must make your forefinger and your thumb into a circle, turn your hands toward your face, and place your circles finger and thumb to your eye with your other fingers pressed to the sides of your face; almost like a mask. When you do this action to someone the recipient must immediately stop what they’re doing and lay on the ground, making sure both shoulder blades touch the floor, before they can continue with their business. To block this attack you make an “ok” sign with your hands and place it to your eye, but if you look at it before you block it you must still lie down. If you see someone about to attack and you’re within reaching distance you are allowed to hit/punch/jab them in the side in retaliation.
boy-"Yeah, he went up for a Birdman but i jacked him in his side. He totally deserved it too, i dont want to lay down on that nasty floor!"
by animartchic May 29, 2009
Not the rapper but some random guy by bus stops feeding pigons.
Operator: 911 how may i help you
Random guy: oh shit birdman ran out of bird food and theese shits started eating eyes
shit it's everwhere
operator:oh hell now im a drop kick their ass

by sexyWonderful April 04, 2009
the man we all hate for producing the most obnoxious, disgusting, intolerable, lyric lacking, ignorant "rapper" on the planet. lil wayne.

because of this, birdman is used to describe a drug dealer, and also a man who's sperm lacks the part of a dna strand that creates brain cells.
that kid is so annoying.

-i know. his dad is a birdman.
by lilwaynesucks123456789876543 January 15, 2010
A rank of O-6 or Colonel in the Armed Forces.
When the Birdman comes on deck everyone stands up.

The Birdman is bangin hoes.
by Socci January 16, 2009
1) An urban legend: A man known for his ability to consume copius amounts of narcotics.
Birdman: "You think you can take me, you'll need a whole fucking army to take me!!!"
by King of the shunt August 05, 2006
A game where one person pretends to make glasses with their thumb and index finger, then put it over their eyes.

They then call out one of their buddies name. If the buddy turns around and does not have one of their hands in the glasses position, then that person must touch the ground on which they are currently standing on with their back.

If the person turns around and DOES have the glasses symbol on one of their hands, then they are safe.
Loser: "Hey Cool Kid!"

Cool Kid: *turns around with glasses symbol* "nice try"

Loser: "OH i almost birdmanned you."
by RCDSchool September 18, 2009
A person who participates in a drinking game that no one else is playing and ends up throwing up for several hours and almost dying before leaving the party without realizing what happened.
Man I really birdmanned it last night.

You were such a birdman this weekend.
by bonerjams03 May 07, 2008

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