An alcoholic beverage consisting of Vodka, Cran-Grape juice and Jolly Ranchers
I met the Birdman last night, and twas tasty!
by birdle August 13, 2010
A cartoon series during the early to mid 90s. He was a man with big grey hawk wings on his back who fought crime and such. He got his powers from the Sun.
This was before Cartoon Network started showing crappy Anime.
Birdman can skate better than Tony Hawk cause of his wings, and then vaporize everyone at a rap "concert".
His brother is SpaceGhost, notice the controls on his wrist.
by Avenger January 12, 2006
A white thug who is super sick nasty at basketball and is covered in tattoos, wears high socks, and has way too much hair gel with a headband.
The birdman just crossed him up big time!

No one can stop the birdman's sick hops.
by thesuperflybirdman May 25, 2009
A feline species that is found to be particularly attractive to the human eye.
birdman was so wasted last night that he threw up in that homeless girl's vagina
by a_really_gay_dude March 15, 2009
while having sex, during the inward thrust one extends both arms horizontally backwards. with the outwards thrust you flap in and make a bird noise.
"Yo dude I totally did the birdman on your mom last night"
by Chelm November 27, 2007
a pictou crazy man with curly afro hair, in which he hides his stash of pills, young gurls keep away! his own theme song is Code Blue by TSOL. this man is extremely full of the sketchy
bird to the motherfucking word, incase you havn't heard.

Hey birdman, he's a nagggggar.

how was birdman

birdman; the master of birdfunkz
by jarret dunn April 21, 2008
A person who is unpleasant .
Fuck ! The bird man asked us to finish this pile of work BY TODAY , how can ?

How can = How is it possible ?
by layeredcake June 26, 2007

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