AKA Tony Hawk greatest skater EVER. He performed the first ever 900 in an X-Games event. He is the original birdman not that rapper.
The birdman just pulled the 900
by Seth December 29, 2003
(n.) a man that has the physical apperance of a bird. ussually pertaining to the nose.
In class today i sat next to a birdman.
by Bob Dole February 28, 2005
The nickname of pro skater Tony Hawk, also the name of his company I think... And an old comic book superhero... Had a tv show in the 60's or 70's maybe the 70's...
by OmnipotentSeal June 14, 2003
Wooah...look at that birdman
by smokers anonymous January 11, 2003
Birdman is Tony Hawk, not the stupid rapper Baby or aka Number One Stunner (whatever that is). Tony Hawk went by the name Birdman before Baby was even famous.
Check it out! Birdman just did a 900 indy again!
by ohhhsjk April 20, 2005
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