1.nickname of tonyhawk
2.rapper birdman father of lil wayne
3.someone who can smoke a lot of cocain
1.nice ollie birdman!
2.wut we doin gettin money wut we doin gettin money lyrics from birdman and lil wayne new hit gettin money
3.i cant believe dat he aint passed out yet!
by Hot Shot! October 23, 2006
a word for a guy that dates a slutty bitch that looks like a bird
Yo we got a new birdman in town
by foshizzleKG October 16, 2007
the pretzel man, capable of holding steeze , local newschoolers hero

see tom wallisch
Birdman was riding through park city, and turned the park into an auntie annies.
by BP Lan June 09, 2007
Noun: A person who looks like a bird.
Verb: making "ca-CRAW" sounds in quiet social situations, making the moment as awkward for other participants as humanly possible.
Adjective: A hobo who amuses him/herself by making bird noises in time to the music of street buskers.
Adjective: A girl who enjoys thai food, crawing at strangers, and dressing like a highlighter.
"That hobo is a real birdman"
by bella birdman August 23, 2006
After a long night of drinking, with no food in your stomach, you wake up with the urge to excrete waste. When doing so, the sound made from one's anus goes "Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr", leaving the bathroom with an awkward smell and potential splashback.(verb)
The other night, after purely drinking with no food, I birdmanned for like 23 minutes.
by Matthew Fernandes April 27, 2006
AKA Tony Hawk greatest skater EVER. He performed the first ever 900 in an X-Games event. He is the original birdman not that rapper.
The birdman just pulled the 900
by Seth December 29, 2003
(n.) a man that has the physical apperance of a bird. ussually pertaining to the nose.
In class today i sat next to a birdman.
by Bob Dole February 28, 2005

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