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Your mom.
Ima go on and ask my bird if I can ride with you.
by Kelly Koz March 05, 2009
synonym for middle finger
middle finger
"Dude, that old lady just gave you the bird!"
by mike September 26, 2004
see (the word)
ah well the bird bird bird
ba bird is the word
by kamimatsu April 06, 2010
a spoiled woman that preoccupies herself with schemes to screw over men out of spite.
Lebron: I'm going to hire my own agents!
Spokesman: Just watch out for those lame ass bitches!!
Lebron: I don't fuck with birds.
by irish23 June 16, 2009
females who may act ike a bird generally because they travel in a flock and talk while bobbling their heads.
them birds is wack i need me a lady!
by Poseidon Man December 08, 2008
adj. Used to establish that a joke has been killed. Usually in repetitive succession to suggest that several people are repeating variations of the identical joke right after one another, thereby rendering the joke lame.
"what if you named your kid Sticker?"
"haha yeah, and your last name was Pot..."
"It's like, for roll call : Pot, Sticker?"
"and when you go to the sandylion sticker outlet it would be so confusing because you'd be like I love this sticker! no, not you Sticker."
" haha when you went on hikes you couldn't ask for a walking sticker because Sticker would respond."
"it's like, every time you went to a Stix concert, Sticker would think you were saying their nickname, Sticks..."
by Fanra April 11, 2008
i love you
"why did you kiss me?"
because i bird you
by sallahtuttah February 13, 2010