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Beauty Inside and Out
From Tyra Banks show: beauty comes from inside and out! BIO!
by cng413 May 24, 2010
18 51
Biologically Intense Odor

An odor secreted by an organism that smells so bad it might get you light headed,might be armpits,feet,sweat,etc..
His feet smelt so bad that I got dizzy while just passing him,he's got some B.I.O
by Engo May 31, 2014
0 1
To like both Windows 8 "Modern UI" and Apple's IOS and Mountain Lion flavours.

To take it to the max in both worlds, and still be able to be friends with your MSFT loving friends and their "Metro" UI UX and Apple lovers with their fruity UI
Dude, don't fight me on it, I don't care.. I love Apple Mountain Lion and Windows 8. I'm BI OS baby. So calm the fuck down ya cunt! Fruits and Metro they can live together.
by i2k August 16, 2012
2 5
Usually when people, mostly girls, are in the mist of fight. And one of the girls is like "B.I.O. (Bring It On)!" Don't piss off that girl right there! She will lash out.
Stacy: "B.I.O. BITCH! Don't mess with me!"
Jean: "HA! Try me!"
by SURFTIME9 June 13, 2011
2 6
slang for cocaine.
angel: hey dude what'd you do today?
warren: bios
angel: wtf dude, how much did you grab?
warren: half g
angel: sick
by OfficialTripz April 04, 2010
5 26
A polite way of saying that you're going to the bath room.
Stands for Be In the "Office".
Guy one: "Hey man I just ate a ton of Mexican food, BIO break."
Guy two: "Dude, nasty..."
by Capt Anarchy May 05, 2009
40 61
Abbreviation of biodiesel.
My Benz runs on bio.
by jahmiller October 19, 2010
10 37
BIO is an acronym of the phrase BITCH ITS ON!

it can also be substituted for bring it on but is slightly less effective.
girl1: i bet guys like me more than they like you!

girl2: BIO!
by twentyone31 March 05, 2010
10 40