To poke someone in the nose, in a loving way.
To bink and to be binked, that is love.
by Betty Birdie January 23, 2014
A cat who uses a series of firm or aggressive "bonks" to show affection or to show off. Feminized/plural version of Bonkers.
I think I see a Binks! Or that cat is straight up Binks!
by Breezy2492 July 02, 2013
Describes the moment when you see a girl with an awesome set of perky boobs, walk into a room or take off her jacket. Usually show-cased in a tight, form fitting t-shirt.
Wow! She took off her jacket and Bink! Those things are Dee-licious
by IASGTH! December 18, 2010
Bink means and is many different things.

1. It is a popular dance in the southern Westchester area in New York

2. To add on to say that something is so true

3. To give the illusion of punching someone in the face
Definition #1 -

John - "Dude I really suck at dancing"

Shawn- "Just do the Bink, make gun shape w/ your fingers and alternate going back and forth with your arms while saying BINK!"

John - "Oh yeah ur right, this is an amazing dance"

Definition #2 -

John (to Steven)- "U look so fat and ratchett it's almost terrifying to look at u"

Shawn - "BINK!!!"

Definition #3

John - "I heard you got in a fight with Richard"

Shawn - "I won cuz i was like BINK, BINK *making punch movements* and then he was knocked out!
by General Cornrow April 04, 2012
A bink is a mix between a beaner and a chink.
a mexican had a baby with an asian person and turns out to be a bink.
by T-RAV657 November 07, 2007
a word meaning telephone call

also a wee binks meaning quick call
"I'll give you a binks later"
"I'll give you a wee binks"
by Pete Beesley October 15, 2007
a fugly shaft. someone or something that is unwanted and not needed.
"wow that girl is such a bink."
"that shirt is binked"
"what a binky kid"
"that's binkin"

"that's pretty bink man."
by BLURJEWFLAT December 03, 2009

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