An injury sustained whilst on a binge.
How did you sprain your ankle?
I'm not sure - must be a binjury from the party last night.
by Mumm-ra December 08, 2006
Top Definition
-(noun) An injury discovered the morning after a night of heavy drinking that one has no memory of receiving. Adjective form is "binjured."
When Dallas came to a painful, hazy form of consciousness late Sunday morning, he noticed his legs were missing and exclaimed, "Oh wow, that's one hell of a binjury!"
by Oh Wow February 17, 2007
An injury that occurs while binge drinking, but due to the amount of alcohol consumed, doesn't become painful until the morning after.
1 AM...Woman one is drunk, waiting in line for the bathroom and standing with her hand on a door jam she moves to let some one pass and the door slamms on her thumb.

Woman two: OMG!!! You just totally smashed your thumb!!! Are you okay?

Woman one: Wow, amazingly yes!!! I'm okay! Let's go dance!

8 AM Woman wakes up with a giant thumb and can't bend it.

Woman one calls Woman two: Hey, did I smash my thumb last night?

Woman two: Uhh Yeah

Woman one: I think it's broken, I'm going to get it x-rayed

Woman two: Ha, Ha you totally have a binjury!!!
by thegranitehills May 19, 2010
A Binjury is a beer, or beer-related, injury
An example would be blistered elbows from drinking beer seated at wooden tables, such as are found at the Oktoberfest, Munich - as in "I have sustained a binjury which has manifested as blistered elbows" (see belbows)
by Mark Lusher November 09, 2007

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