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someone that is so cool, it means business but its a shorter and better version.

like when a rapper is singing and they say "man i got the binis" thats how they say it :) you got tha bini?

2. omg shes over at his house gettin the bini

3. Christseun got no bini at all

4. the new word is bini, soon everyone will be saying it!
by nicoleseunjessicaseun October 28, 2009
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A cool guy. Enjoys books, sports, and being awesome. He's a nerd-jock-gangsta hybrid. Really nice and lots of girls like him.
Guy 1: Hey look it's Bini
Guy 2: Wow he is so cool.
Guy 3: I wish I could be as cool as him.
by RAHHHHHHH DINOSAUR March 10, 2012
term used when (aggrevated) (agetated) or if you just want to be an ass hole..... hmmm yeaah.

the word binis came from the phrase "thats your business" as in "i dont give a fuck"

you may binis use towards anything teachers, parents barking dogs, cops, laptops that die while your downloading a song, or even yelling girl friends =]

you have to say binis sort of load but under your breath just enough for the person its directed to, can hear it.
dooh- " yoo mook look my new nikes they light up"

mookie- "for real??........ binis"

mookie- "lmao"
by bimis came from the phrase February 10, 2010
a douche bag; a fuckbag
That guy's such a bini.
by the other RPI kids August 28, 2007

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