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Jamaican slang for blowjob/head
"yo, you give bingy?"
by shannon.p.i February 16, 2008
to have oral sex (or head, blows etc.)
i ketch 3 bingies last nyt, der was pure slappers 'bout!!
by Freddie_the only_1 May 22, 2007
Being High off life and way too hyper!!
The waitress at the diner was very Bingy.

Dude calm down your too bingy.
by Ashley Wilsey April 25, 2011
Bingies is another term for bongs, usually a glass or plastic apparatus with water in it used for smoking pot.
Hey Jim, let's go over to Mark's place for some afternoon bingies.
by Larry Canada June 19, 2006
to insert the fingers into the anal cavity. Derived from the two words butt and finger.
Just give me some bingies.
by Jbics November 23, 2010
Another word for unusually small male genetalia... or tiny penis
Heather: "Did you have sex with that guy last night?"

Jenifer: "Kind of...but his bingy was so small I couldn't feel anything."

Heather: "Oh, that's too bad."

Jennifer: "Yeah, it smelled pretty nasty too."
by Dizzy Bizz June 01, 2006
A name for the coolest girl in the world that humps ducks, men, and women when she's drunk... she also had some close encounters with fruit.
head head
by head December 12, 2003

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