A person that eats way too much. go be a ferociouse eater. to eat ferociously. to eat way to much. to steel allot of kills.
"how much pizza can u binge?"

"omg u binged all of them"

"that was binge if ive ever seen it"

"omg u just binged all that pizza"

"that person was just binged"

"lije, u r a binge"

by Dr. Pwn May 30, 2003
Top Definition
A period of time that you do alot of drugs in and/or drink a lot of booze.
Must be more than 1 day.
"I'm coming down from a 3 week crack binge."
by Diego August 29, 2003
Participating in something to excess, commonly used in describing habits of those diagnosed with bulimia nervosa or BED in reference to eating overly large amounts of food in a short period of time.
Sometimes those with eating disorders will binge out of malnutrition or emotional reasons, then because of overwhelming feelings of guilt will purge through excessive exercise or throwing up.
by Nicole1921 July 19, 2006
a word used to describe when people eat large quantaties of matter in a short amount of time. Also used as an insult by many people (usually children).
Man that guy is a dick binge
by Swillius Bo Dillius March 08, 2010
to do or say anything in excess
i ate binge cookies

that dude talks friggin binge.
by ErinDogg September 23, 2003
A collective noun for a group of bisexuals
a binge of bisexuals sat on the couch
by podling October 17, 2010
Informal Beenge
1. The act of consuming cannabis by means of water related paraphernalia
2. Finishing something off, often something difficult or strenuous to get through
1. Bong/waterpipe,Bubbler or any other water related cannabis piece
2. Slang for one's close friend
1. Describing something overtly difficult
1. Yes! It's 4:17... Almost time to binge a bowl!
2. Dude are you gonna binge that foot long burrito... I'm hungry balls

Stoner 1: Hey! Finally saved up for a new binge!
Stoner 2: Yeah? What kind of binge are you looking at?
Stoner 1: Eh. Roughly 14' w/ diffuser and ashcatcher

Stoner 1: Hey binge, whats new?
Stoner 2: Oh nothing... Just bingin. Whatsup with you binge?
Stoner 1: Bingin.
1. Dude that DragonForce song on Guitar Hero was a fuckin' binge!
by Samual Theart January 25, 2008

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