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Participating in something to excess, commonly used in describing habits of those diagnosed with bulimia nervosa or BED in reference to eating overly large amounts of food in a short period of time.
Sometimes those with eating disorders will binge out of malnutrition or emotional reasons, then because of overwhelming feelings of guilt will purge through excessive exercise or throwing up.
by Nicole1921 July 19, 2006
To be extremely thin, skeletal, as a result of starvation or malnutrition. Often, this look is similar or thinner than "heroin chic" and adored by many online "ana" communities.
Many holocaust prisoners became emaciated from starvation.
by Nicole1921 July 19, 2006
Mary-Kate Olsen, along with fraternal twin sister Ashley Olsen, began as a child star and grew to become a marketing tycoon of products aimed at pre-teen girls such as clothes, books, dolls, and fragrances. In 2001 she suffered from anorexia at and checked into treatment. She is, however, still hailed by many online anorexic communities as an idol and "thinspiration".

Birthdate: June 13, 1986
Best known for: playing Michelle Tanner of Full House
Other shows: Two of a Kind, So Little Time
Other: have recorded an album and made several small-budget movies for children and tweens
Though many stars are currently jumping on the "thin is in" bandwagon, Mary-Kate Olsen is one of the few who has admitted to an eating disorder.
by Nicole1921 July 19, 2006

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