Used as a nickname, it originates from the
missuse of the word for "bindings" (as in ski bindings) reflecting the frequent confusion between english words that sound alike by french canadians. Used as a nickname for frenchies.
french canadian: Fuck I broke my binders on my snowboard and had to walk down the hill at -40ºC so I got full of chicken pox.

english canadian: Learn to speak english Binders.
by Binders March 19, 2005
Top Definition
often worn by transgender men, it constricts the breasts into a more flat chested appearance.
although he was physically born a female, he is mentally a male, and uses a binder to flatten his chest.
by KadeManic January 19, 2009
A slang used in the 604, for a person from an East Indian background.
Yo dude check out that towelhead...he is such a binder.
by ghee March 06, 2006
(v) to know a girl (in the biblical sense) after intentionally getting her drunk.
1. Yo, dawg. you shoulda seen this phat bitch i bindered last nite!

2. My friend JP bindered Dunny last nite. It was quite classless.

3. Rob tries to binder girls but fails all the time. He sucks.
by The DC December 05, 2005
1) (collective) a number of women
2) (collective) a number of nouns associated with women, explicitly or implicitly
A binder of highly qualified women assembled to be considered for Mitt Romney's cabinet.

Major U.S. cities saw a swell of pubic demonstration, united under the banner of "saving Big Bird" and orchestrated by a single, engaged binder of concerned mothers.
by LexemeDepot October 16, 2012
Devices generally used to store documents, schoolwork, and leaflets of paper, yet Mitt Romney apparently somehow uses them to store his women.
Jack: Hey man check out these big ass binders I just got at Office Depot.
Mike: Holy shit are you crazy?! You can fit a few women inside those things!

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan taking a break from campaigning at a shady club while their wives are asleep:
Mitt: Man this club blows ass. I'm the fucking future POTUS and I deserve so much better than this swill they call beer and this nauseating excuse for music.
Paul: Yeah and man where the hell is all the pussy?
Mitt: I know. Where are... Hey why don't I bring some binders full of women to liven up this otherwise drab joint! I've got tall women, short women, fatties, anorexics, big tits, small tits, et cetera et cetera, take your pick.
Paul: Brilliant! I'm down with that!
by Terminus_Est October 23, 2012
Binders- noun,

Street lingo for 'brakes'. Specifically in an automobile. Commonly used in situations that requires a quick stop, or stopping when travelling at high speeds.
On our way home from the beach last night a deer jumped out in front of us. Rory had to lock on the binders so we didn't hit it.
by Viper16 May 31, 2010
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