to kill, conquer, dominate, destroy, defeat, beat
"I'm going to bin laden this test!"
by Sousa<3er May 03, 2011
White Heroin from Afganistan. Originally sold in NY, packets were stamped with the words BIN LADEN on one side and an Airplane & The Twin Towers stamped on the other side. Since then it has become the generic street name of middle eastern White Heroin.
Yo, yo - got dat Bin Laden.
by Mr David January 18, 2010
Much like the well known Monkey face, which involves ejaculating on your partners face and throwing your cut pubic hair at them.
However the variation here is That you keep trimming your hair and storing it up for one big throw. Typically 3-4 months worth of trimmings for full effect
Named because of bin laden's enormous arab beard.
Paradym gave his lady friend a bin laden last night he's putting it on you tube ><
by Jimmycranky February 26, 2008
Adjective synonymous with crappy, awful, bad.
Hows your day going? I've been at work since six in the morning, its bin laden.
by Nader H. May 09, 2008
When you pull out and try to shoot a nut in her left eye but instead land the blow just above it.
I tried to nut in that bitches eye but instead caught her with a Bin Laden.
by ovaltine116 May 03, 2011
To be extremely good at hiding. Pronounced "BEEN Laden"
"Mark's Bin Laden since his baby's momma found his address."
by nvcrisosto October 28, 2008
Three different kinds of weed, all grown together. Alternate: "Laden weed"

Three 6 Mafia - "Bin Laden" (Intro)

"Mane check this shit out we was up in Chicago right
With my nigga big hamp the nigga pass me a blunt
Like 'Smoke this shit nigga this some bin laden weed
Y'all don't know nothing bout this down south'
So I'm like 'What the fuck is bin laden weed?'
And then he says
'Its three different Kinds of weed all grown together
That shit some straight killer
Them Chicago niggaz call it bin laden mane some straight fire"

Who got that hydro?
Who got that light green?
Who got that Bobby brown?
Who got that laden weed?
by Purple Stuff July 15, 2006
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