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(v) when you pull out and shoot your load in a girls left eye.
I took a girl home from the bar last night and gave her the Bin Laden!
by nightmanRULES May 02, 2011
2 15
Similar to the Abe Lincoln but in this case you launch a handful of freshly trimmed pubes at her face after blowing a nice load around her mouth.
I gave her a Bin Laden in the airplane restroom and everyone freaked the fuck out!
by facializer August 21, 2008
6 19
1. Describing something in a negative manner.
2. An insult towards an individual, an object, place, event, or anything.

1. An error, a mistake, or a wrong-doing.
A: "Yo, that club was bin laden!"
B: "Word."

A: "Why you always gotta be a bin laden fool?"
B: "Fuck you!"

A: "Fuck, I made a bin laden."
B: "You sure did, now fix it."
by nanite May 17, 2005
11 24
To dispose of a problem in a quick manner which is technically correct but is not 100% kosher
1. I gave your report the Bin Laden so we can move on.

2. I gave that girl the Bin Laden and dumped her via text message
by MrMorto May 04, 2011
6 20
to kill, conquer, dominate, destroy, defeat, beat
"I'm going to bin laden this test!"
by Sousa<3er May 03, 2011
2 16
White Heroin from Afganistan. Originally sold in NY, packets were stamped with the words BIN LADEN on one side and an Airplane & The Twin Towers stamped on the other side. Since then it has become the generic street name of middle eastern White Heroin.
Yo, yo - got dat Bin Laden.
by Mr Moskow January 18, 2010
15 29
variation of the abe lincoln, except the pubes are more concetrated on the chin and a turban is used intead of a top hat
can i do the bin laden on you?
by clinger26 March 21, 2008
7 22