A band that originated from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. They are a punk rock/rock band. The band consists of 4 guys. So far they have had hits such as "Try Honesty","The Ex" and "The River Below".
look them up on google.
by disco_lemonade June 20, 2004
a great punk-alternative sort band from toronto, canada (woo!). unfortuneately, they kind of fall into the mainstream, so mosh pits are populated with whiny girls with trucker hats, wristbands, skate shoes, and "punk" shirts.
girls at tent - "lets pretend were canadian!"
by the_bystander@hotmail.com September 17, 2004
The fucking greatest rock back to come out of North America in the past decade.
Billy Talent fucking rule.
by UnsoundMind June 27, 2003
the BEST fucking band ever, led by my sexy koala bear ben kowalewicz.. started out as pezz and became billy talent after watching hard core logo, their namesake being billy tallent.
me + billy (talent) = heaven.
by HawtPantsDelonge January 18, 2005
The best band ever and i saw i diss down there right after the fist one posted. which is the one i put in. and if fucking hate billy talent you must have s fuckign buildup of wax in ur pop-loving ears and clean that out cuz if u dont even like billy talent a little bit u might aswell go sing with avril as she entertains little 10 year olds. thats probly what your calling in life is anyway
Stupid avril lover: WHAT!?!
Hannah: Billy Talent rules!
Stupid avril lover: oh really? all i do is poison myself with avril poison. THANKS FOR TEH ADVICE
by You_Fking_Wish. November 25, 2003
Really awesome band. Sounds sorta like a Canadian AFI.
Billy Talent rocks.
by Havok January 17, 2004
Very good band. Not the best band out there, but still one of the better ones.
Billy Talent rocks. - General Lee the day before his surrender
by Not Zane July 21, 2004

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